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Custom-made Kitchens by Köögi Konstruktor® have been around since 2002. Located in Tallinn, the studio’s products and services can be characterised by high standards, functional design and unique solutions. If you are planning for a new kitchen, then be inspired by the latest products and technical solutions all displayed in our showroom ranging from different materials, drawer and cabinet systems to handles and lighting. All the high-quality kitchens and cabinets sold and designed by Köögi Konstruktor® are Estonian made using top-quality fittings and unique technical solutions. We will assist you with  everything from an idea to assembly and installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us to book a meeting.  



What describes your ideal kitchen? Is it a faster cooktop more conveniently located or drawers that would glide swiftly? Perhaps better lighting? Well, if your mind is filled with ideas for your new kitchen and you have no clue how to get started, you should pay us a visit. Let's solve this together with you and our professional designers. We'll help you plan your new kitchen.
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Our experienced team of designers will help you find the best lay-out solution, also give suggestions with regard to design, practical ideas, materials, colours and fittings. A client-designer relationship of trust is the key. Next to kitchens, we also offer help with other interior design solutions, for example wardrobes. Please don't hesitate to ask.


A brand-new kitchen might be costly and on top of that there's the burden of removing your old kitchen cabinets, perhaps even some renovation work is unavoidable. Do I really need all this? That said, as long as the project on the paper has not been finalised, there's no knowing how pricy the kitchen will eventually be. We will definitely give our best to meet your budget. One must also bear in mind that cool and trendy does not necessarily mean expensive and out of reach. 'A brand-new kitchen is a dream come true,' as our clients keep pointing out.

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Among countertops high-pressure laminates offer a good value for money, which is why they also appeal to the buyers. They feature options in a variety of stone and wood-look patterns. You can choose from a range of solid wood countertops: oak, birch, walnut, etc. Stone countertops are always in style. You can go for marble as well as granite surfaces.


Melamine-coated particle board that comes in a wide range of colours and patterns is by far the most used material for cabinet boxes. The edges of the particle board are sealed with 0.8 - 2.0 mm ABS edge tape. Painted MDF-boards or natural veneer-coated particle boards can be used for the visible sides of the cabinets to achieve the best possible outcome.
Natural wood veneer in turn can be stained and varnished using different colours.


Cabinet front panels can be selected from the following materials: painted MDF in about 800 different colours; high-gloss and painted MDF; high-gloss PVC or micro laminate; natural wood veneer-lined MDF or PLP; wood panel doors, etc. The selection also includes various profiles and types of timber, also aluminium door frames with different profiles and glass. All this is displayed in our showroom.


Furniture fittings play a key role - although usually out of sight, we can definitely feel their presence. Soft-close drawers and doors, blind corner pull-out shelves - you name it, we'll find it. Modern furniture fittings add to the kitchen's functionality, durability as well as user convenience. We recommend drawer, runner and lift systems from the leading Austrian manufacturer Blum.
Last but not least, light up your kitchen with new shadow-free dimmable LED-panels equipped with automatic or smart switches that satisfy even the most demanding customers' needs.



Technology is evolving very fast. Every day brings new technologies and exciting products. Sustainable, digital and energy efficient are perhaps the prime qualities we expect to see in our kitchen technology. Above all, however, this technology is intended to reduce the time and effort needed for cooking sophisticated meals and doing the chores, so that we would have more time left for enjoying our lives. We offer and recommend kitchen technology from leading brands and manufacturers since the reliability and convenience of the technology as well as customer satisfaction are of crucial importance.


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